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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why Yoga Is More Than A Fad

A jumble of legs and arms tied and twisted in knots that you didn't realize was humanly possible. You think, "I can barely touch my toes, let alone do that."

@alissayoga on Instagram (Photo by @chandolla) A word that when spoken can be associated with so many pictures in one's head. Maybe you tried hot yoga once and then simply never went again.

@aubrymarie on Instagram

But could yoga be more than shaking in your sixth Chaturanga of the hour or slipping every five seconds out of Tree Pose? Why is everyone so obsessed with this exercise fad? If you're in that boat, this might be a good way to open your mind and learn just a little more about what yoga truly is.

What Is It Anyway?

Yoga is a practice that embodies the mental, physical, and spiritual state of one's being. While yoga originally was paired with religions like Buddism and Hinduism, yoga itself does not belong to any one religion but can still be used for one's own personal growth or to gain a deeper connection between one's self and the person's personal idea of a greater force.

There are numerous types of yoga for all different levels and body types. Additionally, yoga can be paired with meditation, healthy diet, and other positive disciplines. For example a yogi could pair their practice with the "ahimsa" discipline, which would allow the yogi to discipline his or her self in extending nonviolence to themselves and others. Or a yogi could incoporate yoga in his or her family life, much like Summer Perez does with her two children.

The Benefits of Yoga Are Plentiful

Modern weight-training today is set on the idea that building mass is the best way to get into shape. Lifting weights encourages the muscles to burn fat but also harden and constrict. Though there is nothing wrong with choosing this approach, yoga goes a different path. A path of flexibility and warming the muscles to then lengthen them, avoiding the risk of muscular tension. The yoga practice also encourages daily meditation, enhances total body awareness and health, and prevents stress by utilizing the breath.


Go Hard or Go Home?

You don't have to be the stretchiest or the skinniest to love yoga! Yoga is about making the practice yours. You choose when and where and how long. You decide what level is best for you and you grow with your own body and what you believe is beneficial.

If you can't handle a fast-paced Bikram Hot Yoga class than attend Yin and Restorative classes instead. There is no shame in that. It is your practice and it will be different from everyone else's.

If you're having fun with it, then that's really all that matters. Laughing and smiling during Pigeon pose is okay! Yoga will give back as much as you put in.

Check out some of these ladies who know how to love themselves even when they're being vulnerable:

@nayitavp with her pitbull




What did you believe yoga was? Has this changed your perspective? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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