La Esmeralda x Florality: Eat Your Heart Out

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Eat Your Heart Out

There is nothing better (or more fulfilling) then the perfect entrée. When it has the perfect aroma, an exotic display, and a satisfyingly delicious lingering taste in your mouth your taste buds and your body just know how good it is for you. Take breakfast, for example:

 "The most important meal of the day." Why? Well, if a health-conscious gal would get up early enough on a beautifully cool summer morning and dish out something appealing and wholly healthy. She would see.
It doesn't have to be sugar-free or carb-free or only a hundred calories. As long as a regular exercise is involved, there's no stopping a girl who eats right to prepare for the day!

...But let's talk about those good supper eats.
Fresh produce, like shrimp, pork, or sausage, and crisp veggies, such as roasted bell peppers, jalepenos, garlic, or micro greens (for an enticing touch of color), can go a long way on a taco night. Try a new type of tortilla. Green Chile or black corn tortillas can spice up any Mexican dish.

Shoot for nutritious not dietary. Enjoy the new inspiration. Go. Eat your heart out.

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