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Monday, June 23, 2014

Around the World Textures

Spotting out beautifully-made interior decoration is something that eases my mind. It's even better when I get to take some of my favorite pieces home. Because my room, my space is something precious and intimate. So decorating it with the decor that brings me joy is important.
Fiesta Braided Fringe Rug
Spice Patchwork Rug
 Though the floor is some place we rarely favor, it is a feature of our rooms that we subconsciously take in. The colors that catch our eyes energizes us and can play a key role in how we react to stress and handle our daily activities.
Old Bengali Patch Pouf Ottoman
Elements of the world can be seen in many different places. This beautiful pouf ottoman from Pier 1 imports is a beautiful and comfortable addition to any dorm, room, or household. Not to mention it's handmade in India.

Keru Embossed 2-Tier Table
Starburst Mosaic Accent Table
Elaborate desks and tables give you inspiration when studying or working from home. Pick a design that fits you.

Surround yourself with pretty things, make it unique but always keep it you.

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