La Esmeralda x Florality: Florality Is Back! (And BIGGER than ever!)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Florality Is Back! (And BIGGER than ever!)

Springtime has ended, but the flowers never really fade from our minds. Flowers inspire and forced our minds to reflect on all the ways nature impacts us. With spring and summer comes good vibes and good news.  Not to mention, The Heart Of A Painter has a new name: Lavender Wood by Florality. Inspired by all the things that remind me of the dreams fabricated from my relentless ambition (Lavender) and of the resilient boundaries that keep my feet embedded in reality (Wood).

I'm so excited for this summer because it includes tons of new inspiration and DIY tutorials, including food recipes and room decor. Not only is Florality coming back to offer you beautiful floral headbands, but there's so many more products being offered too! Take a look:

Inspire Me Rings by Florality
Decorative Candle Jars

Check out all the items on the Florality Merchandise tab here. You can pay via PayPal or Vinted.

Summer is literally upon us and the beach is calling! More phenomenal posts to come.

-Amanda Nuri R.

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