La Esmeralda x Florality: August 2013

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Galaxy Craze

This world is out and the galaxy is in. Play up your wardrobe with bold, awe-striking outer space apparel. From dresses to leggings to scarfs to headbands. Galaxy print is HUGE. Don't miss out! Not sure where to find some? Check out:
  • Hot Topic
  • Tilly's
  • Target
  • Q
  • Love Culture
  • Black Milk Clothing
  • Amazon 
  • And many more!
Be cautious, galaxy print is popular and often in high demand, so make sure you save some money up for these purchases. However, don't throw your hope away--Target sells them for $12 and Q has them for as low as $8.99.
Happy Hunting!

Florality Bands

Make sure you guys check out the new craze in fashion accessories: floral headbands.

The Heart of A Painter is selling them in a variety of colors for anywhere between $4 and $6

Want a purple, pink, and white one? Want your flowers all the way across instead of in one spot? No problem! Every headband is individually and carefully made to fit to your liking. Handmade head wear to make you feel beautiful :)

Like the Facebook page ASAP and you can get tons of updates on the latest accessories coming out (and believe me, there's so many in store!)


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Floral Headbands

Have you always wanted a floral headband? Love that ethereal, Bohemian look?

Buy one from the Heart of A Painter! Email amandanuri r(at)gmail(dot) com and order one today. You can get blue, pink, white, green, and multi-colored. Want to request a special color to match your wardrobe?

Just specify in the email and I'll respond with the price and payment info :)